Rio Bay Housing Terms and Conditions

Rio Bay Housing is a Vacation Rental Agency in Rio de Janeiro that provides servicess based on the Terms and Conditions outlined below. These terms and conditions may be changed every now and then, without notice. Please read them carefully, as they represent the legal framework for the services that Rio Bay Housing agrees to give to its clients.

1.Rental Amounts

  • The rental amount of each apartment varies according to the length of the rental period, the time of the year (special events, high or low season) and the number of tenants. The full amount will be paid before checking in, in favour of the owner or the owner’s representative.

  • The amount includes the use of sheets and towels, as well as the consumption of water, taxes, cable or digital TV and a high-speed Internet connection. The Rental Amount does not include the check-out cleaning costs. These costs fluctuate between 100 BRL and 250 BRL, depending on the size of the apartment and the number of tenants

  • The rental amounts will be quoted in BRL (Brazilian Reais).

a.Short term stay

  • In case of short-term rental periods, a limited consumption of gas and electricity is included in the rental amount. Depending on the size of the apartment and the number of tenants, the volume of Kwh will vary from 10 to 40 Kwh units per day. Not to pass this limit, it’s advised to turn off all the lights and electrical appliances when leaving the apartment. Especially the air-conditioning consumes a lot of energy. Electricity consumption exceeding this amount shall be charged separately, at a rate of 0.5 BRL/KwH.

b.Monthly rental

  • In case of long-term rental periods, the Rental Amount does not include gas and electricity use, which shall be charged separately.

  • Gas consumption shall be charged according to the apartment’s gas bills.

  • Electricity consumption will be charged at a rate of 0.5 BRL/Kwh. The consumed amount of the first and last rental month will be based on the balance of the apartment’s electricity meter. For the remaining months, the consumption amount will be proven by the apartment’s electricity bill.

2.Reservation Procedures

  • Our apartments require a minimum booking of 4 to 7 nights. During holidays such as Carnival and New Year’s or events such as the World Cup 2014 or the Olympics in 2016 most apartments require a minimum booking of 7 to 10 nights.

  • To reserve an apartment, contact us by sending an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., completing the contact form or by filling in one of the specific booking requests for our apartments, which will be replied to within 48 hours.

  • To prepare the rental contract the personal identification information of all tenants (full name, passport number or Brazilian ID, address, e-mail address and phone number) should be provided to Rio Bay Housing.

  • The reservation is complete after receiving the requested down payment.

A. Down payment

  • The down payment confirms and secures the reservation, which amounts to 30-50% of the Rental Amount, depending on the apartment and period of the year.

  • The down payment can be made via PayPal. A special request will be send to the tenant in the currency of US Dollars or Euros depending on the country of residence. In this case the total down payment will include a 6% PayPal fee.

  • For countries within Europe or Brazil a wire transfer can be made directly into our Belgian or Brazilian bank account in the currency of Euro or Brazilian Real. The payment cannot be made by check or credit card.

 B. Security Deposit

  • In addition to the rental amount, a fully refundable security deposit will be made to the Owner of the apartment to cover any possible damage of furniture and fittings, loss of items or excessive cleaning or laundry costs. The tenant should keep and maintain the apartment in a good condition throughout his or her entire stay. Rio Bay Housing has the right to inspect the apartment at any time, in order to see if the rules are respected.

  • The amount of the security deposit depends on the size of the apartment and the number of tenants and may vary between 200 and 750 USD. The deposit is fully refundable and will be returned at check out, provided that the apartment is left in a good state.

  • The security deposit may be paid in advanced via PayPal upfront (and will consequently be returned via PayPal without any extra fees) or can be paid in cash at check in.

  • The use of credit cards to make the security deposit are only exceptionally accepted, depending on the owner of the apartment.  In this case, the credit card will serve as an authorization charge. The blocked amount on the credit card will be released at check-out provided that the apartment is left in a good state.

C. Balance of the Total Rental Amount

  • The balance of the Rental Amount shall be paid in cash at check in and can either be paid in local currency or in USD/EUR/GBP at the applicable exchange rate of the day of the check in. Travelers’ checks and credit cards are not accepted.

 D. Cancellation  

  • In case of cancellation, the paid amounts cannot be reimbursed under any circumstances. Any down payment made will stay with the Owner of the apartment. However, depending on the availability, the down payment can be used for a stay in the booked apartment for another period.

 3. Rental Period

  • The rental period starts from the day of arrival at the apartment until the day of departure. Once the down payment has been received, the client is not entitled to change the rental period.

A. Arrival

  • The apartment will be available from 14:00h. An early check in can be reserved by paying an additional charge of 50% of the apartment’s daily rate amount.

  • At check-in a representative of Rio Bay Housing will meet the tenant at the apartment. The tenant will pay the balance of the rent and the security deposit. The tenant will be requested to sign the rental agreement contract and be handed over the keys to the apartment after the total rental price and the security deposit are fully paid.

  • In case of a check in after 10 PM, the key will be handed over by the receptionist of the apartment building or by our personal driver. The above stated check in procedures will take place the following morning.

B. Departure

  • On the day of departure, the tenant should leave the apartment at 10:30h. A late check-out will be charged with an additional fee of 50% of the apartment’s daily rate amount.

  • At check out, one of our representatives will meet the tenant at the apartment to check the state of the property, give back the security deposit and receive the apartment key(s) from the tenant.

 Other Services

A. Airport Transfer Service

  • Rio Bay Housing offers a transport service from the international airport (GIG) or domestic airport (SDU) by a reliable taxi driver (car up to 3 persons) - cost per transfer: 140 BRL (GIG) or 120 BRL (SDU). To reserve this service, the following details should be provided regarding arrival:

      • Airline

      • City of departure

      • Flight number

      • Estimated arrival time

  • Rio Bay Housing also offers a transfer service back to the airport on the day of check out. The costs per transfer in this case are 100 BRL (GIG) or 70 BRL (SDU).

B. Cleaning Service

  • The apartment will be delivered to the tenant in a clean and tidy condition. A standard cleaning after check out will be charged separately. This amount ranges from 100 BRL to 250 BRL (depending on the size of the apartment and the number of tenants).

  • For longer Rental Periods and/or by request, a temporary cleaning service can be provided at a price from 100 BRL per service. This service includes cleaning all bathrooms and kitchen area, dusting, sweeping and mopping, changing sheets and towels and providing new toilet paper.

  • The laundry service is charged separately - the cleaning lady will provide the apartment with clean sheets and towels. The cost of this service depends on the amount of laundry and will amount between 120 BRL and 80 BRL.

General Rules

A. Condominium rules

  • After 10 PM it is mandatory to limit the noise level. Any complaints from neighbours because of noise or inappropriate behaviour created by the tenant or its visitors can lead to termination of the contract without any refund.

  • Visitors are allowed but will only be accepted after full identification with the reception (ID card or passport with photo) for security reasons. It is not allowed to bring prostitutes to the apartment and if this should occur, the Owner is entitled to terminate the contract with immediate effect without reimbursement. The tenant is fully responsible for its guests.  The apartment and the building are absolutely safe and the tenant has to contribute to the safety by not bringing in just anybody he hardly knows.

  • It is not allowed to walk in swimwear or shirtless in the main entrance or to use the social elevator dressed as such. When entering the building with sandy feet or swimwear, it is mandatory to use the service entrance and service elevator.

  • Rio Bay Housing cannot guarantee that the tenant won’t be disturbed by any kind of construction work in the apartment building or the area around the building. Any nuisance due to construction work is not a reason for termination of the contract or the refund of any payments. 

B. The Apartment

  • Before receiving the keys to the apartment, a list of the full names of all tenants should be provided. It is not allowed to exceed the number of guests indicated in the contract. This includes children.

  • The purpose of renting the apartment is for residential use only. The accommodation may not be used for commercial activities, and cannot be rented to third persons.

  • The client and potential visitors are fully responsible for the apartment and all items within it.

  • Do not use or keep any kind of drug in the apartment and do not engage in prostitution.

  • Smoking is not allowed in the apartment, nor in the apartment building.

  • No animals are permitted to enter into or remain in the rented apartment.

  • Be aware that the tenant is responsible for any fine that may be incurred because of violations of any laws with regard to the property or apartment building. The fine shall be reimbursed by the tenant.

  • The owner is not responsible for losses as a result of theft or robbery. In case of a theft occurring as a consequence of the negligence or behaviour of the tenant (for example: a lost key), the tenant must reimburse the cost of the lost or damage goods.

  • Rio Bay Housing cannot guarantee that all the equipment within the apartment will work during the rental period. The search for a solution will always be priority, but no refund will be made because of malfunctioning equipment.

  • In the tropical climate of Rio de Janeiro there is a small but likely possibility of finding insects or pests in the apartment during the stay. Rio Bay Housing will always try to prevent these happenings, which are not a reason for termination of the contract or the refund of any payment.

  • Rio Bay Housing is not responsible for any problems with the Internet or the (digital) television provider, if these problems are beyond their control. No refund will be made if such problem occurs.

Privacy Policy

Rio Bay Housing will always respect and protect the privacy of the tenant. All personal data will be kept strictly confidential. The information send by the tenant, such as name, address, phone number, email address, and credit card details will only be used for billing and contract purposes.